What Goes Around


A mightier alien species comes to Earth, and easily subjugates us.

They separate our families, who never see each other again.

They imprison the young women, and kill the old ones who are useless for reproduction.

They cook those and simmer them in dishes where their tough meat is tenderized and disguised by the other ingredients.

The young women are raped by machines which impregnate them, so that they will have offspring and produce milk. Since the babies drinking the mothers milk would deny the aliens the beverage, the babies are taken, crying, from the screaming mothers and fed gruel instead, which will keep them alive long enough to also serve the aliens’ purpose.

The useless baby males are butchered for their tender flesh. The female babies, orphaned by the invaders, are preserved to be the breeders of the future. But they will also be hung by their feet, stabbed, drained of their blood and butchered when they stop producing milk.

Billions of others are packed into vehicles, forced down a chute and slaughtered straightaway for their flesh, which is glorified in alien communications heralding amusing new ways to burn and serve the muscle and other tissue. Some of the presenters become wealthy and famous for inventing new ways to combine the body parts and disguise them with spices and sauces.

Some men are kept alive to produce sperm for artificial insemination. Others are allowed to live for the work they can provide. They pull wagons, race for gambling purposes, are chased and roped in public displays and are also brutally killed when no longer able to perform these functions.

Before they are killed, the human captives are kept in sheds, cages and crates, their prison environments manipulated to produce the most output for their captives.

The aliens make jokes about their favorite human body parts, finding more novel ways to include them in their concoctions.

In this way, billions of humans of all ages suffer and violently die each year.

The few aliens who express revulsion at these activities are marginalized and ridiculed. Some aliens who feel some twinges of conscience nevertheless turn away and deny what is happening, in order to still experience their favorite tastes and textures.

We, the victims, look upon the aliens as monsters. In our hate and fear, we want only to kill them—all of them— and escape.

But they are stronger than us. And no god comes to rescue us.

As no god rescued our victims from us, when we were the monsters.


Father Knows First


My Dad, at 90, is on Facebook and has a blog, because he often has something to say.

Today he posted the item below, in response to current little-publicized attempts to make mandatory the injection of toxic foreign materials into everyone’s body, based on the easily-disputed claim that vaccines are safe and effective, and will save us all from dreaded diseases. Many intelligent and informed people, deliberately and necessarily marginalized publicly by snide terms such as “anti-vaxxer”, dispute this claim, and anyone who cherishes personal freedom and bodily sovereignty is horrified that our government would presume to force themselves inside us.

my Dad’s post–

John J. Carone

“National, compulsory vaccinations designated by the Feds is coming to your house, yes, YOUR HOUSE, unless we stop them. Nothing is more personal than your body and no one should make health DECISIONS for you. They can advise you and make the case, but they can’t compel you. This will not be reported widely until it is a done deal. They know the opposition will kill this kind of arrogant legislation. Write and call your Reps and Senators NOW, before it is too late. Hundreds of vaccines, containing who knows what, will be on the market soon and allowing ANY vaccine to become mandatory which Feds approve for their pharmaceutical money bags will open the door to many more. The widespread doping of our children now is just the tip of the iceberg. Pacification and control of the population, as is practiced in many nursing homes with the elderly, is a social engineering dream.”

For my father, at this point in his long life, to see our freedoms being dismantled for the sake of a mega-profitable pharma/chemical cartel, and carried out by bought-and-sold career political lackeys, must be very painful. To see the obedient villagers raise their pitchforks and torches in agreement must be even worse.

His views are not contaminated by the pathetic disneymeasle psyop which has a dumbed-down segment of our country crying for the oppression of their fellow citizens over an insignificant outbreak of what was once considered a routine childhood inconvenience. Do not doubt that your neighbors will happily turn on you or turn you in for some fanned-up hysteria of the future, because they are proving right now that they will. Stay out of our schools, You-who-dare-to-point-out-the-Emperor’s-lack- of-pants. 

My Dad, a member of “The Greatest Generation”, did not reach his conclusions by swallowing the hype and fear-mongering which recently has spawned a knee-jerk lynch-mob mentality seeking to inject every man woman and child with chemicals claimed but not proven to be lifesavers, but absolutely proven to be full of toxins that can and do cause harm.

When it began to be foisted on the public many years ago, he bravely protested the polio vaccine. Anyone not shackled by medical superstition can investigate now, decades later, to see how its “success” was a perception manipulated by statistics, and see admissions that the vaccine was full of materials, including animal viruses, which were capable of causing devastation to the health of those receiving the poisoned stab-wounds. And yet, it is often invoked as proof of the Miracle of the Holy Needle.

This is not an isolated crime of this industry. Hundreds of thousands of people are sickened or killed by other products produced by this same enterprise. Watching their TV ads with their long lists of horrible side-effects, read in the same chirpy voice as the fake testimonial against fields of daisies is evocative of early Saturday Night Live skits. But these aren’t really funny. The bad effects they list, including death, have actually happened to people who believed those ads. Ask your doctor if this way of death is right for you. The ad that follows the drug commercial is often from an attorney seeking plaintiffs who have been harmed by those drugs from the daisy field. Somehow, it can’t be accepted by many that the same people who screwed them before might slip another stinker in.

But blind faith shrinks from facts, and to look at history, or even to read a package insert, would necessitate critical thinking instead of worship, and the hypnotized belief in something that can be easily proven to be false is nothing but bad religion.

And religion, even bad religion, cannot be questioned by the Faithful.