In The New Year, Who Will Own Our Minds?


As we wrap up a contentious year, I urge everyone to be very mindful that although others can surely cause calamity for us on the National Stage, only WE OURSELVES can agree to divide ourselves calamitously from each other.

Look how quickly everyone became labeled, in shades of black and white, a “conservative” or a “libtard”, a “Trump supporter” or hater of Trump AND those who supported him, and how vigorously we are promoting this division OURSELVES, becoming hysterical daily volunteer propagandists for the powerful forces intent on manipulation.  No one we know magically become evil incarnate on Election Day, but we are condemning each other with more vigor than we muster to condemn Satan.

Consider how quickly this phenomenon happened, and how artfully it was instigated by the professional and skilled people whose job it is, on behalf of their ambitious employers, to assassinate character—on all sides— and propagandize statements and events we would never have internalized without their cynical prompting.

Our minds and opinions are under constant bombardment, in often-successful attempts to influence everything from the type of toothpaste we buy to the politicians we support or hate, to blind devotion to scientific theories which ultimately change over the years, acceptance or condemnation of an assortment of equally unprovable religious beliefs, and which wars we support.

Four years from now, there will likely be someone else giving speeches, but we have to live with each other successfully far longer than that. It’s a lot easier to burn a bridge than to build one. We need those bridges to survive.

Let’s put away the matches those behind the scenes placed in our minds, and stay united against the darker forces who would burn the pathways which ultimately make us stronger than they are.